The materials that can be used to create a garden or animal fence are varied: they range from wood, passing from one of the oldest and most traditional stone, to steel and aluminum, due to their resistance properties. In recent years another material is spreading, Vinyl: it is a product capable of offering technical characteristics that are decidedly favorable to outdoor exposure, and with various possibilities of forging in the processing phase. The Vinyl Fences can be used for various purposes: to delimit your garden or field from the neighboring ones, but also to divide areas within the same space. Furthermore, Vinyl Fences can create protected areas for children or pets, guaranteeing total safety. The structure is usually purchased in the form of prefabricated panels, which according to the necessary number will make up the fence in all respects functional like those made of other materials.

Low costs

Initially our Vinyl Fences may cost more than wood (unless you are buying high quality wood, so they are about on par) but with our products you will never need to invest any more time and money because they are guaranteed 20 years in white and 2 years for beige and gray, no maintenance.

The wood, on the other hand, will need to be maintained throughout its life, painting, staining, repairing or replacing. Also with the ever increasing cost of wood given its steady decline (most of it is young growth timber) vinyl products are a very attractive purchase.


Our Fences are made of 100% virgin vinyl: long lasting, resistance to atmospheric agents, withstand a temperature range ranging from -40 to +70 degrees. The presence of 10% titanium dioxide also guarantees resistance to UV rays and fading.

While plastics make the fence construction less flexible in cold weather, Vinyl  Fence components are designed to accommodate normal temperature swings. The impact inhibitors we use to prevent breakage also serve to withstand the harsh winter conditions.


Our Vinyl Fences do not require maintenance of any kind, another great saving, if we think of wooden fences or iron fences. Our products are built to last over time; they are guaranteed for 20 years even if in reality the useful life of the product is much higher.

In addition, the structure of our Vinyl Fences has been chemically implemented with impact modifiers that make the fence itself capable of providing optimal performance in any type of field.

Zucchi Vinyl Fence

Zucchi Vinyl Fence is one of the few companies specialized in Vinyl Fences in Italy. Our philosophy is to satisfy the customer by giving high quality products.

We analyze every request that our customers submit to us in order to be able to present the customer with a targeted and specific offer. Our Vinyl Fences are synonymous with quality and resistance, the vinyl we use is 100% virgin and has no traces of lead, everything is certified and guaranteed.

Who we are?

We are an Italian company, born in 2002, in the heart of Piedmont, in Mondovì. The range of our Vinyl Fences is able to satisfy every need; enclose gardens, swimming pools, animals or the entire perimeter of a house. Its installation is very simple and requires no maintenance. Our products are offered in three colors: white, gray and beige.

Our fences are 100% virgin vinyl, ISO9001-ASTM certified; the production of the proposed fences takes place with German and Austrian technology machinery: this is why our PVC fences produced are guaranteed for 20 years!

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